Friday, December 30, 2011

Newport, RI

We are having soo much fun on the east coast! Yesterday we drove to Newport, Rhode Island! It is one of the coolest little towns we have been! Imagine Park City or Balboa Island, but East Coast style! We want to spend an entire week or two day! This is one of the Mansions we toured, The Breaker Mansion!

It is sooo old and beautiful inside! The walls are painted with gold and platinum! The Vanderbilt family was soo unbelievably wealthy! It was great inspiration/motivation! ;)

This is the restaurant we ate at on main street! Its the Brick Ally Pub. We ate the BEST lobster bisque and clam chowder! No one makes it quite like the east coast! We also enjoyed this massive burger! haha!
I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! We sure are loving our break!! Have a Happy New Years!!

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