Sunday, September 25, 2011

5 min make-up!

I found this great article that I wanted to share! It is soo true, a little make up goes a long way! Most of us women are busy from sun up to sun down, but that doesn't mean we can't take a simple 5 extra mins to make ourselves look and feel better! Whether it be in the workplace, school, or home!

The 5 Minute Makeup Face:
Apply the Right Makeup Products Fast!

Thousands of women forgo wearing makeup each day because they claim they just don’t have time to apply it. While a full face of makeup that might have been trendy in the 1980s may take you an hour to apply, today’s makeup is much different. The good news is, while everyone longs to look beautiful and fresh, today’s minimal makeup trends allow that to happen without too much fuss. Use these quick makeup beauty tips to learn how to apply makeup in just five minutes!

Step 1:
Foundation (or Just a Little Concealer) and Powder
There aren’t too many shortcuts needed when it comes to foundation and powder because it’s basically all about blending. However, unless you need the full coverage of all-over foundation, skip the foundation all together. Simply use concealer on problem areas like under eyes, blemishes or other skin redness and set with powder.

If you do like the coverage of your foundation, start with a foundation that matches the shade of your neck and blend it all over your face with your fingers, foundation brush or a sponge. Be sure you’ve blended it all in on your face and neck area. Be sure your moisturizer has completed soaked in before starting or you’ll end up with streaky results. Next, quickly take concealer and dab it on any blemishes you want to cover. After you’re happy with your blended look, set your face with loose powder.

Step 2:
Add Color with Blush and Bronzer
After your skin tone is evened out and set with powder, it’s time to give it a little color. Learning how to apply blush and bronzer properly is a must for all women. The trick is, go light. It’s always easier to add a little more if you need it than it is to take some away if you’ve already overdone it. To ensure you look naturally flushed, try applying your blush by a window. This beauty lighting will allow to you to see what it’s going to look like in natural light (or basically what everyone else sees). Choose a light and rosy color and using a large blush brush; quickly sweep it across the apples of your cheeks.

If you want to use bronzer, the same rules apply. Go light and sweep in on your face in the shape of a three (starting with the top of your forehead, moving around your eye area to your cheek and then back across your cheek to the bottom of your chin/jaw line).

Step 3:
Add a Sweep of Color and Highlight to Eyes
After you’ve applied your foundation, powder and blush, you should be left with at least three minutes left, which is all you need to properly dress up your eyes and lips. Start by sweeping a light layer of neutral eye shadow on your entire lid. An eye highlighting powder just below the brow will give your eyes a little extra pick-me-up. You will more alert and awake too. Over the base layer of eye shadow, sweep a darker shade in your eye lid crease only.

Be sure to choose neutral colors for daytime, as darker colors really do take longer to blend together and are most suitable for night wear. Blend the eye shadows together on your eye with a clean makeup brush, so you can’t tell where one begins and the next ends. If you have time, use a quick eyeliner pencil to make a thin line across your upper lash line. Be sure your line isn’t too thick or too bold in color. If you find it is, take a Q-Tip and lightly smudge it, to make it look more natural. Take one minute to apply dark brown or black mascara. Finish with a swipe of neutral or light tinted lip gloss.

Here are some pictures of some celebrities with minimal yet flawless 5 min make up looks! Natural really is trendy right now, and I LOVE it! Enjoy!!

New Job!!

So I'm happy to say that I got a part time job! woo hoo! It's just a part time position at a day care, so not what i normally do, but the hours ROCK. Its Mon-Fri 8-1! Which gives me enough time in the day to work, work out, cook dinner, etc. And it will pay the rent which is most important haha!
It also gives me great flexability as far as cutting hair outside of my home goes! So I am now available to take appointments any time after 1:30pm Monday thru Friday!
So today was my first day at Kiddie Konnection, and I really enjoyed it. I watch the 4 and 5 year olds which is a pretty fun age! They are old enough to somewhat listen to you, but young enough that they still love to play and color. I really like all my coworkers which is soo important to me! So we are doing great and my prayers have def. been answered in the job department! I am sooooo thankful!!

The Hawkeyes

Our very first Hawkeye football game was def. one to remember that's for sure! It started with us waking up at 10:45 am and realizing that the game was at 11:00!!(which is a big deal when you have a 20min walk ahead of you) haha so we hurried as fast as we could and headed out the door only to be met with pouring rain! No umbrella, or ponchos! Iowa rain is different than Idaho or Utah rain, the rain drops are huge and come straight down! Within seconds of walking we were SOAKED! Like straight to the bone! Like i just jumped in and out of a swimming pool soaked! We were tempted to turn around and just watch the game on TV. But being the football fanatics that we are we couldn't convince ourselves to. I think we deserve the most dedicated fans award! (we stuck it out until they stopped the game in the 3rd quarter because of the crazy rain) Once we made it to the game we had a blast! Kinnick stadium is gorgeous and the fans are nuts! Walking up the stairs to the student section reminded me of the movie Titanic. You know the part where they are trying to walk up the stairs and tons of water is just pouring down them like a river?! I so wish i would've gotten a picture of it! I would've except for the fact that my camera was wrapped in a plastic hot dog wrapper and shoved down my bra in an attempt to keep it dry! :) Here are the pictures i was able to capture, although they don't really do it justice! Enjoy!

There was seriously a mini river running through our parking lot haha our shoes and socks were so soaked that i couldn't tell a difference standing in it or not! :)


Well we made it to Iowa safe and sound! I love it here! It is so beautiful, and there is soo much to do. I love college towns! We have gone golfing, jogging, and have done a ton of driving around exploring the town. They have something called the ped mall downtown and it is adorable. Cute little bands play outside under the lights. And there are a lot of cool taverns and restaurants that we can't wait to try!

My husband started law school this week and it has been pretty crazy with lots of homework, but he likes it so thats good! I have been searching for a salon job! Its pretty hard to find a salon that's hiring for commission so that's a bummer. Until something opens up I'm going to be doing hair and eyelash extensions out of my home! woo hoo! And in the mean time searching for a part time job to do to make sure the rent gets paid, haha.

Anyway so welcome to my buisness and beauty blog! Its full of everything Beauty, and my little piece of life that i call Bliss!