Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shirt Skirt!

I found this idea on Pinterest this past week!!! Except i don't know who to give the credit to, there wasn't a link attatched! Anyway I love it! And now i know what to do with all Bryce's button ups that he doesn't wear very often!
Step 1- Take a Men's button up shirt and do it up like 3/4th of the way!
Step 2- Step into the shirt, tuck in the collar, and do up as many more buttons as needed!
Step 3- Take the arms and tie them into a knot or bow!
Step 4- Tuck the extra fabric into the folds created by the arms!
Step 5- Enjoy your new skirt!!
Here is mine!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Traveling for Thanksgiving?!

In one week exactly we will be headed to Utah for Thanksgiving! I am seriously sooo excited! The reasons for my excitement include.....

1. Seeing and spending time with family, family, and more family!
2. Eating a Pork Salad at Cafe Rio!
3. Spending time with friends!
4. Eating at all the frozen yogurt shops!
5. Wedding dress shopping with Mal!
6. Eating at Wingers!
7. Shopping!!!
8. Eating at the best Japanese place ever, Koyo!
9. Possible black friday crazyness!
10. Getting to spend 5 days straight with my sweetheart!

(yes i know most of them include eating, don't judge ;) )

Im sure some of you will be traveling for the holidays as well! I saw this amazing idea and had to share it! You can use a Pot Holder to keep your flat/curling irons safe during your trip!!!!

Smart right?! I thought so too! Im used to wrapping t-shirts around mine! Now im not sure how the inside of a pot holder would hold up to heat, so i don't recommend putting them in while still hot! You can even buy pot holders at the dollar store! Super cheap and super handy! I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! I know i have sooo much to be thankful for!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Winter Toes

So a while back i got these "pedi socks" free with the purchase of an OPI nail polish! I thought they were ridiculous and stupid, and i almost threw them away! My husband being the smart man that he is told me not to. I mean they were free and super super soft......and he thought that they made me look like a sexy gymnast/80's chick. haha. (sorry the pic was taken with an itouch so its not great)

So every year once winter hits i paint my nails and am left to freeze to death for an hour while my toe nails dry.

I mean the worst thing ever is when you paint your toe nails and then put on socks or go to bed only to wake up with thread imprints all over them!! am i right or what!?

So finally this past week i buckled down and put on my sexy "pedi socks" and...........I LOVE THEM!! It was amazing! I was kept warm and toasty AND my nails didn't get ruined! (and i may or may not of gotten lucky because of them ;) )

My point is....since they were a one time promotion and i can't seem to buy more pairs of them... i plan on making some, and you should too! It would be super easy to re-purpose an old sweater, old socks, old mittens, leg warmers, etc......

I will see what i can do about that, and maybe do a follow up post on what i come up with! Let me know if any of you do too! I promise you wont be disappointed!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fixing Broken Powder Cosmetics!

Hey, so i found this AWESOME post on pinterest! It is genious and i can't wait to try it out! You can see the real post at!
Breaking Down Beauty: Fixing Broken Powder Cosmetics
By Sheila

So, you have a favorite eyeshadow, pressed powder, or blush you absolutely cannot live without. Life happens, and sometimes before you even realize it, you find yourself the owner of your favorite product, smashed into 5 million little pieces.

When your powder cosmetics are broken into 5 million pieces, you can always put them in a small container and use as a loose shadow, but you DO have the option of fixing the products so it’s almost as good as new.

It’s easy! I mean it! You’ll thank me!

The only extra product you’ll need is Rubbing Alcohol that you can get from any old drugstore.

Here is a lovely L’Oreal H.I.P. #319 eyeshadow that was sadly broken upon arrival.

Step 1: Dump the shadow into a small bowl. You can use an extra makeup brush to get the original container clean.

Step 2: Use the back of a brush to crush the shadow into a fine powder.

Step 3: I used the cap to my rubbing alcohol as a measurement and poured it into the container with the shadow. Make sure to mix well until you end up with a paste! Start off by slowly adding the alcohol, to make sure you don’t make the mixture too watery. In the case that happens, it’s all good – it will just take a bit longer for the shadow to dry down.

I used a wooden stirrer that I had lying around, but you can use a spoon or anything you want.

Step 4: You’ll have a paste that you will mold into the original shadow container. Try to make it as even as possible! You will be able to make little adjustments later!

Step 6: Time goes by ….. and after a couple of hours you can see the powder coming together. You can use a piece of fabric (or in my case a paper towel), tohelp mold the shadow and also give it a nice finish. Afterwards, leave it alone for several hours.

Step 7: All set! When all is said and done, it took around 8 hours or so to complete! Not bad!