Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dry Shampoo

I am in LOVE with this warm weather we have been experiencing! I could do without the humidity though....but that is another post for another day. This weather has been making me crave camping!! Is it weird for me to be as girly as can be and yet LOVE camping!? I guess growing up in Idaho has had its effect on me!

I think the biggest complaint that women have about camping is the "going without washing your hair for days" part. Gross, but come on girls, it is sooo worth it!! haha Anyway i have a solution to this problem! Dry Shampoo of course!! It is now my camping must have!

 People seem to have a love/hate relationship with it. I think finding just the right one is the trick. And i think people hate the idea of not washing your hair everyday. It's in fact actually healthier for your hair and scalp if you don't. The natural oil your scalp produces helps with the overall health of your hair, it helps with shine, split ends, and promotes hair growth as well as combats dry scalp.  I'd recommend shampooing every other day. You can still shower in the mornings just try not washing your hair. Dry Shampoo is also great for after workouts on those days where you are too busy to fit in anything more than a rinse of your sweaty bod.

The dry shampoo trend spread like wildfire while i was working at a beauty supply in Utah. I was able to test like 8 different brands!! It was nuts!! So now I consider myself a dry shampoo expert!

 KMS is by far my favorite brand. Its light and doesn't have a distinct smell.

This one is a little heavier but smells awesome like strawberries. And it comes out translucent!

 And this one is great because it is HOMEMADE! Any brand of corn starch will do. Just grab a pinch and then massage it at the base of your roots and wala it takes the oil out of your hair! Or you can out it in a salt shaker for easier application. If it leaves your hair a little white just massage in a little bit of water. Corn starch isn't as great as the professional versions but when you're on a budget it works perfect!

And now its time for a funny i was working one night at the beauty supply when this girl came in. bless her heart. She asked me what i thought about dry shampoo, and then explained how she likes to go 7 days without washing her hair. 7 DAYS people. I wish she would've came in on day 7. That would be a sight to see.

Anyway if you haven't tried a dry shampoo before let me know and i'll get you some! Especially for all those exciting camping adventures this summer will bring!  I know im already planning some of mine....Moab, Yellowstone, McCall, Matt Warner...............

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  1. You better be taking us on a few of those trips! :)