Sunday, September 25, 2011


Well we made it to Iowa safe and sound! I love it here! It is so beautiful, and there is soo much to do. I love college towns! We have gone golfing, jogging, and have done a ton of driving around exploring the town. They have something called the ped mall downtown and it is adorable. Cute little bands play outside under the lights. And there are a lot of cool taverns and restaurants that we can't wait to try!

My husband started law school this week and it has been pretty crazy with lots of homework, but he likes it so thats good! I have been searching for a salon job! Its pretty hard to find a salon that's hiring for commission so that's a bummer. Until something opens up I'm going to be doing hair and eyelash extensions out of my home! woo hoo! And in the mean time searching for a part time job to do to make sure the rent gets paid, haha.

Anyway so welcome to my buisness and beauty blog! Its full of everything Beauty, and my little piece of life that i call Bliss!

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