Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Hawkeyes

Our very first Hawkeye football game was def. one to remember that's for sure! It started with us waking up at 10:45 am and realizing that the game was at 11:00!!(which is a big deal when you have a 20min walk ahead of you) haha so we hurried as fast as we could and headed out the door only to be met with pouring rain! No umbrella, or ponchos! Iowa rain is different than Idaho or Utah rain, the rain drops are huge and come straight down! Within seconds of walking we were SOAKED! Like straight to the bone! Like i just jumped in and out of a swimming pool soaked! We were tempted to turn around and just watch the game on TV. But being the football fanatics that we are we couldn't convince ourselves to. I think we deserve the most dedicated fans award! (we stuck it out until they stopped the game in the 3rd quarter because of the crazy rain) Once we made it to the game we had a blast! Kinnick stadium is gorgeous and the fans are nuts! Walking up the stairs to the student section reminded me of the movie Titanic. You know the part where they are trying to walk up the stairs and tons of water is just pouring down them like a river?! I so wish i would've gotten a picture of it! I would've except for the fact that my camera was wrapped in a plastic hot dog wrapper and shoved down my bra in an attempt to keep it dry! :) Here are the pictures i was able to capture, although they don't really do it justice! Enjoy!

There was seriously a mini river running through our parking lot haha our shoes and socks were so soaked that i couldn't tell a difference standing in it or not! :)

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