Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Job!!

So I'm happy to say that I got a part time job! woo hoo! It's just a part time position at a day care, so not what i normally do, but the hours ROCK. Its Mon-Fri 8-1! Which gives me enough time in the day to work, work out, cook dinner, etc. And it will pay the rent which is most important haha!
It also gives me great flexability as far as cutting hair outside of my home goes! So I am now available to take appointments any time after 1:30pm Monday thru Friday!
So today was my first day at Kiddie Konnection, and I really enjoyed it. I watch the 4 and 5 year olds which is a pretty fun age! They are old enough to somewhat listen to you, but young enough that they still love to play and color. I really like all my coworkers which is soo important to me! So we are doing great and my prayers have def. been answered in the job department! I am sooooo thankful!!

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